Panel Upgrade Services in West Texas

If you are experiencing flickering lights or the smell of hot plastic burning, calling in the experts from A.C.E.S could prevent your home from catching fire and other damage. We do panel upgrades inside the home to update your electrical fuse box and stop the home from electrical failures. Older homes are lame ducks for electrical problems. Many outdated panel boxes can be resolved through an upgrade. Call for details on how to get yours modernized.

You’ll be able to save money and lots of time through an upgrade to your panel box. You may be able to save more than $1,000 from one. Save yourself the tie and money that come along with an older panel that has:

  • Damage from heat
  • Smoldering wire smells
  • The panel will not accept higher amperage

Hints for an Upgrade

We plan everything when it comes to your panel box. First, we shut off the main source of power. This helps deliver a safe and most effective upgrade. An upgrade can provide you with efficient HVAC system appliances that won’t turn off/on like your refrigerator in West Texas.

Remodeling and Additions

Taking on an electrical project on your own can seem overwhelming. Our electricians can help you with any remodeling or addition project. We can plan the electrical aspect of the remodel/addition to fit your needs and is safe from hazards.

Types of Remodeling/Additions

  • Bedroom
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Room additions
  • Room remodels

Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers

If your home was built between 1950 and 1970, the chances are that you are equipped with a Federal Pacific circuit breaker. You may be threatened by a breaker malfunction or fire that can destroy your home. We can change that and keep you safe!

Circuit Overload

The breaker is supposed o prevent your home’s electrical system from circuit overload. An overload can cause problems if not caught in time. This is why an upgrade may be needed inside of your home. Older homes are in constant need of these electrical services.


If there is anything in the way of your electrical current, you could be facing major problems that can end up costing you. We can change all that and more with our electrical services. Our electricians are qualified and educated on looking for older panels.

Call A.C.E.S for more information on how to get a skilled electrician in your home. We’ll deliver quality panel upgrades at a price that fits your budget. Don’t continue to live under the constant threat of a fire.